Oh, so that's puce. (mijmeraar) wrote in mash100th,
Oh, so that's puce.

night and day

aaaha. took some liberties with the theme. also, I imagine this takes place closer to the beginning.


Radar eavesdrops, gets it wrong. “I don’t like cicadas.”

Sidney smiles gently. “Not cicadas, Circadian Rhythm.”

“Oh … I don’t like those either.”

Hawkeye grins. “Sidney’s just playing hopscotch in my brain. Kicking up dust.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Better than Cowboys and Indians.”

Radar squints into Hawkeye’s ear. “They’d never fit in there.”

“Maybe in his dreams,” Sidney says, and it means something. Hawkeye yawns.

“My dreams are too busy undressing nurses.”

Radar blushes. “Ok … I have to … mail.”

Stumbling out, he hears Sidney mention an unfamiliar name, a Major. Depression. He wonders if he’s an old friend of Hawkeye’s.

cookie to Radar.
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