useduser (usedusername) wrote in mash100th,

Hopefully not *too* long, but too long for a cookie.
Challenge: Will.

"--so, I was almost arrested." Hawkeye moves to the still as they enter the Swamp, caught up in welcoming Trapper.

"Serves you right, y'know, putting laxatives in his coffee."

"It's not that irregular... neither is Frank."


The only response is Hawkeye filling his glass.

Trapper wills himself not to; emotions aren't welcome; nothing, not people, not animals, not even thoughts can live in war. But a whistle of a bomb shatters his nerves with the silence--

"Was worried about ya, Hawk."

"You were closer to death than I was. Except when I stood up Nurse Able."

Trapper suddenly questions Hawkeye's stability; his make-believed immunity from the war. "Yeah," The war draws Trapper's attention away, and he looks out the door as though expecting to see it.

Hawkeye's undisturbed:

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