narwood (narwood) wrote in mash100th,

Challenge: want

I'm new, confused, and rusty, but hi?  A first pry at a thematic obsession, Margaret-centric.

It's 100, so cookie to Trapper, if I may.


She was wrong; breaking every rule. This was the wrong side of the ocean, the wrong side of the war. Her chance was gone, but-

-She wanted to know.

In Korea, love was a game played to feel alive. He could never play her game. But truth told, she could never play his.

She knocked. He opened the door and stepped towards her, her first answer though shocked whisper.


Now she knew.

Pulling him by the nape she kissed him for the first time. Everything they had, every move and trick, in one stolen, cheating breath.

Now she knew.

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