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The M*A*S*H 100th

best community anywhere

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This is a community along the lines of hp100 and wednesday100 (which I believe was the first). The purpose is to write 100 word drabbles.

Rules as follows:
- The week's challenge will be issued on Saturday.
- From Saturday, you will have until midnight the next Friday (according to your own timezone) to post your responses.
- Drabbles need not be exactly 100 words long. A little leeway will be allowed. However, drabbles that go way over the mark will be deleted.
- If your drabble is exactly 100 words, you can give a cookie to your favourite character (thanks to x_men100 for the idea). The character with the most cookies at the end of the week wins.
- You may only post drabbles. General M*A*S*H chat does not belong here. If you want to suggest a challenge, please comment on the week's challenge entry.
- Drabbles may be of any genre or pairing, slash, het or gen. However, if your drabble contains sensitive material (sexual content, bad language, etc) please use the LJ cut tag. Otherwise, you don't need to.
- Feedback is encouraged! If you like a drabble, please comment and let the author know.

Rules, of course, will be subject to change. Please enjoy yourself here.

Carmilla (bitch!moderator)
Raven (permanently speechless!moderator)

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